Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt is an open world action RPG released in mid-2015.

This is the third in the series, which is adapted from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s series of fantasy novels.

You take control of Geralt of Rivia who travels through the Northern Kingdoms while battling dangers by using magic and a sword as well as completing main missions and side-quests to progress through the story.


The game was an immediate recipient of critical acclaim, with multiple awards attached to its name. It sold about 6 million copies in 6 weeks.

The world of Witcher 3 is huge in comparison to any previous action RPG. The game is said to take an average of 100 hours spread out evenly between main missions and side quests. Traveling through this world can be done in a few different ways. The complex narrative system allows NPCs to lead lives of their own, and your character’s actions/decisions directly affect the world around you in different ways as the outcome of missions also varies in different ways.

Combat mechanics takes up where the previous entry in the series leaves off and revamps and refines it. Battles can take place on land, on horseback, at sea, and underwater. The character combines his Witcher Sense, melee weapons, magic, potion brewing, and projectiles in his favour.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the game is highly responsive and acting during night or day can also impact different enemies/characters.