More free LAN multiplayer games

If you have enjoyed playing the games listed in the previous article or you are looking for more options of the kind, this article will provide you with even more titles of free games you can enjoy on your smartphone with a multiplayer mode and without any Internet connection.

Chess by AI factory Limited

If you want to spend a little quality and strategic time, there is no other game that would be better that the classic chess. Things are even cooler when you can carry around this whole chess inside your pocket than to carry the real chess board and the items.

Who want to go through such nuisance unless you prefer to really play it that way like the good old times. For the most of the chess-heads, chess by AI Factory Limited can give you the best experience on playing it on the virtual level. You can play it alone or you can play it with other player on LAN or with Bluetooth or using the same device. This is also a free to play game but there is also a paid version available with extended features.


Dual! is basically built on the classic pong-based theme but of course it is a way more advanced. The idea is basically that you throw or shoot objects from your screen to the other and other person have to deflect it, dodge it and shoot you as well and you have to do the same thing. This game is quite simple yet give a rich gaming experience, as you can never quite point it out in the right direction.

Whether it is the graphics, gameplay, control and motion of the game, it is hard to tell. You just know that it is worth playing. You certainly need two players to play this game and that is it. This is a free game, although you can reach for extended functionality by purchasing a paid version for only $1.99.


Badland has earned its place as game of the year. Badland is developed by Frogmind Games and was released in 2013 and since then it has earned its place in the heart of almost every gamer and dedicated Android gamer.

This game is so immersive that you will crave to get back to this game over and over again. There is much to this game. Awe-inspiring graphics, gameplay and heavy challenges ahead will keep you so engaged that you would not even want to take your eyes off the screen. On your way, you will have to dodge a lot of unpredictable obstacles  and make your way through them to the end. You can change your shapes by consuming or heading into some of the items on the land. Over the time, you can have other creatures along with you. You can play this game with others on LAN and have some really peaceful and a good time.

While the games listed above are not hi-tech games, they can certainly give you a good enough time with your friends and family even if you guys do not have access to the Internet.