Three more vintage shoot’em up games worth your attention

Are you exploring the variety of vintage games that are still capturing attention of players and are particularly interested in shoot’em up games? This article will give you great ideas for playing!

Raptor: Call of the Shadows

Raptor is one of the game that defined that 90s gameplay. Kids of that generation had an entire serious atmosphere set in the house whenever they played this game. This game was one of the coolest games of the 90s that set the bar for the top down vertically-scrolling games up high for the next generation to come. This game was released for DOS, Windows.

Comparing to other games of its type, Raptor was one hell of a challenging game that required your careful and absolute attention. A way advanced graphics of its time, soundtrack could kick start your action packed day!

Thunder Force IV

The very first Thunder force was launched in 1984 for various computers of the time. Over the years they released more of its franchise spanning until 2008. You can imagine how they survived, it is due to the gamer that never let Thunder Force die. Among this franchise, you want to look for Thunder Force IV. There is something unique about the Thunder Force IV. You just don’t play around, dodge bullets and foes but you absolutely need your strategic thinking in place as well since each of the foes, bosses is quite unique and you have to figure out ways to take them down! Over all cartoonish hand-drawn like graphics, gameplay, action is out this world! Worth every minute!


R-type is a madly loved game by players all over the globe since its first launch. This is Science-fiction based horizontal-scrolling shoot’em up game. This franchise spin off from 1987 till as long as 2018! Over the years released on multiple platform this bad boy kept its honour and glory over time never failing to capture a handsome amount of players all over!

If you want to start this franchise, start with the classic one or straight from 2004 the R-type: Final. This series give the players a whole new level of R-type experience. A vast configuration of weapons, wide range of unlocks on the way and what more is you have collectibles of whopping 100 of ships that you can play with! And, of course, the gameplay itself is enough to pump up the thrill up a notch with each stage.

There are tons of games that are not mentioned here. Lot of these game you can still find on eBay or other platforms online.