The best vintage shoot’em up games

Since the hay day of arcade gaming when games like Pong, Space invaders span craze into the youth to heavy and hi-tech modern gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Gaming PCs, the whole gaming world has changed a lot and people have seen and played the mightiest game and lived those years. Some lived on to tell about the glory of the days some just starting out in this new frontier to carry on the glory of this time of the gaming generation to the next.

Feel the nostalgia for the best vintage games

Whether we are from this generation or the previous, living in this modern times of advanced gaming as advanced as completely immersed in metaverse, there are games that has always won and still win every gamer’s heart on the go! With these, we decided to list down the best shoot’em up games of all time and either bring you some good old days to relieve or to give you the taste of the good old action filled days! This list is not ranked but just in order.

U.N Squadron

This bad boy was released back in 1989 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade games, Amiga, Atarti ST etc. U.N. Squadron is side-scrolling shooting game released by gaming giant Capcom. Whenever you saw a game by Capcom, you knew you got to play this or will miss out a lot. This still applies today.

I would not say over other gaming giants of this time but if you are looking for vintage game and you know it is from Capcom, dive in with a blind faith. Capcom never failed to give you the action packed days! With U.N. Squadron, you will certainly love this game. One of the primary reasons it is so even though this is a side-scrolling shooting game, this game incorporates other genres like RPG and lets you spend your money on upgrades and make a war lord machine for the war ahead. You can never get enough of this game!


This classic game with those classic 8-bit sounds can bring or give you the taste of the good old times when world war gaming theme was not much of a hype than this game. You set out with a US fighter plane and you make your way to Tokyo.

Of course, that is not it, the number of foes, those hordes that will be coming for you going to get quite tough over time like no others! This game was released in 1985 by none other than the mighty Capcom, ASCII corporation, Hudson soft etc.

Firepower 2000

Firepower 2000 was released in 1992 for Super Nintendo Entertainment system and later for Sega Genesis as well. This game allows you to play as two players with fantastically advanced game mechanics and control, futuristic war machines, a vehicle, or air borne or both for two players, while the soundtrack itself is super rich! This action-filled game still can give thrill to the bone!