Curious facts about esports

Are you interested in starting a journey of a professional gamer? Then, you might be interested in learning some amazing facts about this modern industry and its condition on the market. This article will provide you with curious information.

The revenue of esports gaming in 2020 was around $3.5 billion

If you are just learning about the world of esports, you might have been attracted by this industry because of the lucrative prizes which can be gained in the competitions on gaming. Actually, the market of esports is rapidly growing and in 2020, the revenue of esports gaming was nearly $3.5 billion. Certainly, the number is huge, however, it is even more amazing that only five years ago the revenue of the industry was twice smaller.

It is also crucial to point out that Asia has the largest fraction of the esports industry. More and more players of this part of the world are deciding to play professionally.

There are no particular requirements for a game to become an esports game

Certainly, team games of professional sports are not flexible. There are fixed rules and the types of games which can be played professionally are quite limited. This is not the case when it comes to esports games. In this industry, almost any game can be come esports.

Currently, the most popular types of esports games include first-person shooters (FPS) which are Call of Duty, Hallo and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Of course. the MOBA games which are the games of the multiplayer online battle arena type are also extremely popular. The most favourite esports games of this genre are Dota 2 and League of Legends.

If you think about esports games in all likelihood, you will come up with one of the games mentioned above. Still, the variety of games is not limited to this choice or genres. For instance, such popular games as Hearthstone and StarCraft are also available as esports games today.

Still, you should be aware of the fact there are different prize pools for various competitions in different esports games. For instance, if you check the prize pools for particular games in 2015, you will see the prize pool for World of Warcraft Arena was 250 000 USD, whereas the prize pool for Dota 2 was as large as 18 million USD. The first competition was a part of BlizzCon World Championships whereas the second one was held during The International 2015.

Esports is regarded to be a professional kind of sports in the US

Of course, despite some similarities between esports and other kinds of sports, this branch is certainly rather different from traditional sports. Needless to say, this causes a lot of arguments between people who want esports to be regarded as a professional kind of sports and those people who belieb it is not fair to consider gamers to be athletes.

Currently, the official status of esports in the US is being professional sports. This status has already been accepted by the government so professional gamers can benefit from various privileges of professional athletes such as, for instance, special taxation.

The largest prize pools in the world of esports games

Now, when you have learnt about some of the possible prize pools for championships in particular video games, try to guess which games offer the largest prize pools to players.

Actually, one of these games has already been mentioned. It is DOTA which is extremely popular among players. This game also has massive crowdfunding. Due to these facts, in 2019 the prize pool of DOTA reached unbelievable size of $30,003,794 in its International DOTA Tournament. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the larger the prize pool for a game is, the more attractive it becomes to players, so we can expect even greater prizes.

Yet, an esports game does not have to be featured by thus extremely large prize pools in order to top the greatest prizes available to the winners of traditional kinds of sports. In 2019, Fortnite also had a prize pool over 30 million USD which topped the prizes for the first place at Wimbledon. The first place winner of this game received the prize of 3 million USD.

The Fusion Arena

Undoubtedly, being thus popular among people, esports have not only many participants but also fans who are excited to watch the tournaments. For that reason, currently there is a construction of a gigantic arena allowing fans of esports to watch the events live is being created by Comcast.

This arena is known as the Fusion Arena and it will allow 3500 spectators to enjoy the view.

Many celebrities are investing money into esports

Of course, such a rapidly developing industry as esports is making it particularly attractive to investors. Many celebrities from around the world have already invested in this professional sport. Since, 2013 the investment made by athletes, musicians and other famous people reached the amount of 3.3 billion.