Fallout New Vegas

When Fallout 3 was launched back in the year 2008, it was able to become one of the best role playing games. The game series seems to be continuing that tradition along with time. You can clearly see it from the success of Fallout New Vegas. Since the game is based upon a successful formula, you don’t need to think twice before you get your hands on it. It has been based upon the successful predecessor. Hence, you can end up with securing a perfect experience out of this game at all times.


The Fallout New Vegas game takes place in a world, which is destroyed after a nuclear war. In this world, United States is desecrated. People are selfish and they are hungry for power. Even though there have been numerous nukes, the Vegas city has been able to survive. In fact, it looks pretty much similar to an untouched city. You will have to play Fallout New Vegas game from Vegas.

People who live in Vegas are lucky enough to have access to clean water. In addition to that, they have power as well. However, a dictatorship of the ruling community causes troubles. The game moves forward based on that. This is where you will have to face a variety of challenges in the game. You will have to move forward with those challenges and complete the different missions that the game is sending on your way.

You will have to work as a courier in the game. There is no defined background for your character in the game. In fact, your character looks like a regular guy. You are provided with the responsibility of delivering a package to someone in the Vegas Strip. All the complications arise when you go ahead with making this delivery.

There are numerous twists in the storyline of the game, which are in a position to make it interesting. On the other hand, you will also feel that the story is quite predictable. In the meantime, you will also figure out that the game has got three different endings to the main quest.

Graphics and game experience

You will start enjoying the storyline offered by Fallout New Vegas game from the very first moment you start playing it. In some of the areas in this game, you might have to experience shades of grey instead of shades of black. However, you can continue playing it and you will be able to end up with getting a pleasant experience at the end of the day.

One of the best things that you will notice about Fallout New Vegas RPG is that it has got a large number of side missions apart from the main mission. These side missions are in a position to make the game shine on top of the other similar games that are available for you to play. However, you will also notice that there are certain limits to the freedom that you have in this game to explore.

At a glance, you might feel that the wasteland of the game is a lonely place. However, you will not have to wonder alone in these wastelands. You are provided with the chance to get accompanied by numerous companions. They can happily provide assistance to you with the quests. In fact, there is a possibility for you to accompany two friends and proceed with the game.

You will also be able to get an enjoyable experience out of Fallout New Vegas as well. For example, there is a possibility to tune into the radio stations and enjoy them. Another great thing to notice about Fallout New Vegas game is that you are provided with the chance to play it from a third person perspective or in first person perspective. When you are playing the game in third person perspective, you will be provided with the chance to get onto a useful vantage points. It is recommended for you to play the game in first person point of view because the animations sometimes tend to be goofy.