Options for those who love playing video games and can actually do it well

Playing video games is a fascinating form of entertainment and many people are dreaming about being able to connect their profession to gaming. Yet, one of the major ways to do it is becoming a game developer oneself which is in practice goes far beyond playing and enjoy the process. In addition to it, game development requires technical knowledge which is making this profession less attractive to many video game devotees.

Of course, there is another possible option which is becoming a cybersportsman. Certainly, this profession is a way more satisfying for people who want to be close to the industry of video games but are not interested in creating their own games. Still, there are more options available to video game enthusiasts and you should know about them.

Professional gaming

As it has just been noticed, one of the most obvious options for playing video games professionally is becoming a professional player. Many countries have already claimed esports being an official kind of sport which gives the title of professional players to the people who are participating in video game tournaments.

Still, there is one issue which is stopping many players from becoming professional gamers even though they really love playing. Actually, a couple of years ago, when the industry of esports was less developed, the number of games available to the professional gamers was rather limited. Indeed, the most popular games at the time were Counter Strike and Dota. As you can imagine, this caused severe rivalry which made many amateurs believe they will never be able to enter the world of professional gaming.

This is not true anymore. Today, almost any game has a potential of becoming esports and providing players with opportunities to participate in tournaments professionally. Undeniably, the more the game is popular, the more sponsors it has and the larger the prizes available in tournaments are. At the same time it means the rivalry there is more severe. Less popular games will give new players more chances of winning. While the prizes are not thus gigantic as the ones available in the most popular games, they are still worth spending one’s time on practising and participating in the tournaments.


Streaming is becoming extremely popular nowadays. If you have never watched streams yourself, you might not be aware of such an opportunity for earning money while playing online games.

Actually, just like it is with many other kinds of sports, the devotees of video games are crazy about watching other people playing their favourite video games as well. This goes to the degree of being willing to support some players financially. For the luckiest players, this can become a source of income. Of course, the more popular a streamer is the more possibilities for earning money on advertising he or she has as well. This can be very exciting if you really love playing.

Game influencer

You have certainly come across the word influencer which is now popular in many industries. An influencer is actually an expert in a particular field who is willing to sharing one’s own knowledge on the subject with others online.

When it comes to game influencers, usually, these people have their game blogs in which they are providing others with their knowledge.

Game influencers have high chances of being noticed by marketing specialists working promoting particular video games. Cooperation with development companies can give a lot of chances for earning money in the case of game influencer.

Even though all of the professions mentioned above require time and dedication, it is still possible to combine them with another job or education while one is trying to find one’s place in the industry.