Our list of the best RPGs of 2020 for PC

Are you using your personal computer for playing games? Then, you are definitely interested in learning about the best RPGs released in 2020 and available for PC users. In order to provide you with a list of the most interesting options, we have carried out some in-depth research and checked the most attractive options for the devotees of role-playing genre. Some of them are continuations of extremely successful game series, whereas others are absolutely brand-new products. Let’s explore the world of the new 2020 role-playing games together!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

The fans of Skyrim will be pleased to know that Bethesda released amazing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition this year. The package includes all possible add-ons which have ever been created for this legendary game. Yet, don’t worry, all of them, especially the older ones have been improved when it comes to their graphics.

Furthermore, if you are a happy owner of a virtual reality headset, you can also give The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for PC and PS4 a shot. Needless to say, the experience of playing this game with VR will be far more immersive.

If it somehow happened that you didn’t play Skyrim at all although it has already been on the market for almost ten years, you should definitely check this game. Skyrim is extremely popular for its immense game world, fantasy epic and limitless possibilities. The game covers so many options that you can literally enjoy days playing it without even coming closer to the main plot of the storyline. Not o0nly is the world of Skyrim extremely rich, but also it offers players a possibility of playing with different characters and not being stuck to a single one which is so typical for role-playing games.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition can be played on all the major playing platforms including PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch besides PC.

Disco Elysium

If you are looking for an absolutely incomparable experience of playing a role-playing game, you should pay your attention to Disco Elysium. Although it was released in 2019, it was available on for personal computers, however, this year console was also added to the platforms compatible with the game.

What is so unusual about Disco Elysium which made this game one of the best of the recent years?

First of all, the topic of Disco Elysium itself. There are not so much games dedicated to the topic of dystopia and certainly, you will hardly find anything even resembling of Disco Elysium.

Secondly, the story of Disco Elysium is lying within a city which is still an amazingly large world with an abundance of possibilities for exploration.

Yet, one of the most notable features of Disco Elysium is the fact this game doesn’t have classic battles at all. The developers of this RPG decided to take a rather risky decision resigning from combats and switching to diplomatic conversations which is definitely not thus widespread among classic role-playing games. Instead of getting involved into a bloody scene, the protagonist gets into a so-called “Though Cabinet” which is a special tool designed by the creators of the game in order to provide players with an opportunity to participate in crucial conversations and make vital decisions affecting the story of the game.

Undeniably, deciding to switch from combats to conversations demanded a lot of creativity and it was really easy to spoil the game, but the talent of the game designers brought RPGs to a totally new level with this modification making the game highly personable and driven by the player.

Mass Effect 2

How about getting involved into a fantastic space adventure participating in intraterrestrial conflicts between different alien races watching the rise and fall of warring fractions and, of course, taking an active role in a turbulent story of the Universe?

This has already been possible in the EA’s first part of Mass Effect, however, Mass Effect 2 released this year is far more massive. One of the greatest changes the developers made in the second game of Mass Effect is opening the world even more making the playing opportunities limitless.

If you do not particularly enjoy RPGs with standard static screens of chats which are rather popular among the typical games of this genre, you will definitely like the solutions offered by the team of EA in Mass Effect 2.

Mass effect 2 is available not only for playing on personal computers, but also on Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.

Fallout 4

Another topic is covered by the legendary Fallout series which has nothing to do with any sorcery and fantasy taking players into the post-apocalyptic world full of dangers and mysteries of a totally different type. If you have already played any of the previous Fall Out games, you know, here the catastrophe has a nuclear character which means the world of the game is full of deadly radiation.

This time, you have a chance to wake up from a curious state called in the game cryostasis. Unfortunately, you will find out that the spouse of the protagonist was killed, whereas the child was kidnapped. The problem is, it had happened twenty years prior to your awakening which undeniably makes the task even more challenging.

The game is also available for playing with a virtual reality set. You can play it on Xbox One and PS4 as well.