Your favourite desktop games from the past available on mobile devices

Even though the variety of mobile games is constantly growing, many people are feeling nostalgic about some old games they used to play decades ago. Some people are even wondering why these games have not been adapted for mobile playing as the technical parameters of average smartphones today are a way more powerful than the technical characteristics of the most expensive machines of the past.

Actually, many game studios considered such an opportunity and have created special versions of their games which can be run on mobile phones. This article will tell you about some of the most notable examples which are certainly worth your time.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas does not require any introduction even if you have never played this game yourself. This game is one of the most beloved programmes of the gamers of all the times and now you have a fantastic opportunity of enjoying it on your mobile device.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas offers a huge world including an entire state of the USA with its large cities, forest and fields and the mere exploration of this world is itself a great experience. There is a lot of integration with the world as the main character was able to do absolutely different things including changing his appearance by shopping vesting a hairdresser or a tattoo master. There is a possibility of interacting with other people living in the world as well and trying various occupations. Still, the most intense part of the game is the line of the plot which includes a variety of missions for the completion of which you will need entire days.

Isn’t it exciting that now you have a possibility of playing this powerful game on your smartphone?

Grim Fandango

Are you looking for a possibility to play one of the quests which were released in 1990s on your smartphone? Then, you certainly should try playing Grim Fandango Remastered which was developed for mobile devices by Double Fine Productions, Inc.

Grim Fandango is simply a masterpiece with its unique game plot. On the one hand, the game is focusing on the life-lasting problem of mafia and corruption. On the one hand, it goes far beyond any games covering the similar topic since the whole events are concerning the Department of Death which is specialising in giving the newly arrived souls tickets to the after-death world. This is when the agent of the Department has to deal with nasty criminals making the existence of the souls miserable.

If you enjoyed playing this game twenty years ago, you should certainly try the version created for iOS and Android as it has been efficiently improved so your gaming experience will be even better now.


The devotees of the quests developed in the previous years will certainly be happy to play Myst which used to be one of the favourite games in the 1990s. This quest game is extremely capturing and it has many fans even though the initial rating given by the game critics was pretty modest.

Myst has many parts and the original game itself has already been republished nearly ten times. Now, you can play the game on your mobile phone or tablet computer and this version of the game is absolutely worth it as it has been upgraded and improved.

Baldur’s Gate

One of the most outstanding role-playing games of all time is undeniably Baldur’s Gate with its huge world and a possibility to interact almost with any character you can come across. There is nothing strange in the fact this game is still loved by so many players. The plot of the game is also one of the most notable parts as well as a unique design of battle mechanics. Baldur’s Gate is also one of the first and rare games which allow players to change the outcome of the game with almost any decision made on the go however insignificant it might seem.

Now, Beamdog is offering the users of Android and iOS devices a possibility to enjoy this amazing game on portable devices.


One more games from the past which you might be willing to play on your smartphone is Carmageddon. As the name suggests, this a racing simulator, however, it is very specific and, to some point, is absolutely unique.

In order to win while playing Carmageddon, one does not have to be the first. One of the most dynamic ways to win the race is to destroy the cars of your rivals which is possible by hitting them while driving your vehicle fast. In this game, it is also possible to hit into the pedestrians walking around.

Carmageddon is a free game and all of the vehicles and tracks available in it can be unlocked finishing levels. Yet, you can get ultimate access to all of the materials by paying for the game.