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Best Action RPGs You Will Love Playing Today

The goal of every role-playing game developer is to produce the best action RPGs that gamers will spend weeks binge playing. The exhilaration of great combat remains one of the parameters to classify a good RPG from what is not. However, some games have broken that trend, like Disco Elysium who banked on incredible lore instead.

Nevertheless, in this article, we strive to feature the best action RPGs you can play the whole day without losing interest!

Best Action RPGs to Play the Whole Day

1.   The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It might not be the best for everyone, but it deserves its spot in the top 5. Breath of the Wild is set to be the zenith of the whole Legend of Zelda franchise. And it did not disappoint! The graphics and gameplay are still incredible, plus it is an open world, so yey!

Play as Link, who awoken from his slumber, only to realize Hyrule’s impending demise. Stop the recurring ol’ bastard of a villain Calamity Ganon from its reign of terror once again!

2.   The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red intended for their Cyberpunk to enter this list. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be lackluster. The Witcher, on the other hand, saves the day through their third installment! This action RPG lets you play as Geralt of Rivia to kill foul beasts and get bounty off them. The writing is fantastic, on top of the action with some adult elements to rub it in.

It would be best to get some background information on the series first, though, before jumping on the hype. It will give you a better idea of the lore and make your experience more surreal.

3.   Mass Effect Trilogy

Bioware is one of the best game developers to develop the most iconic science-fiction role-playing titles of the era. A testament to that greatness is the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The story grew as its players did, which made the game so full of adventure and nostalgia. The level of autonomy over your own choices to determine the outcome is a fantastic feature.

Despite the mishaps in the ending of the third franchise, Mass Effect is still one of the best action RPGs. Watch out for the remastered editions to be released!

4.   Bloodborne

From the developers who brought us the Souls franchise comes another qualifier to the best action RPGs of this era. Bloodborne sets in a dystopian gothic world called Yharnam, where you battle bestial creatures plagued by an illness.

If you love grotesque beasts instead of eliminating them from existence, you will love this hack and slash and shoot game!

5.   The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Probably the grandpa of the list, but not in any way lesser of an action-packed RPG game. Despite being almost ten years old, Skyrim is one of the best action RPGs ever been created.

The lore is excellent, the open world and incredibly stunning details are still outstanding. Although it will not win any awards in 2021, the action has extensive main and side quests. You will not finish this game after months of playing!


The best action RPGs must inherit great battle graphics and mechanics and fantastic lore to top it off. There have been other excellent action RPGs but lack the quality to keep gamers invested.

 The list above is simply some of the best action RPGs you can binge play. There are some cool fantasy RPGs you can check out too!