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What is the current average age of gamers?

Even the parents from the younger generations associate gaming with teens and young adults. It seems that this form of entertainment is most frequently chosen by the people of these age categories.

It turns out that an average video game player is a way older as the average age so far is 34 years. Of course, this means that there are either more players whose age is around 34 or the age of the players includes both youngsters and people who are older than 34 years.

Anyway, there is nothing strange in the tendency of the average age of video game players rising like that. There are more and more people who spent their childhood playing video games so, it is quite possible that the trend will continue.

How many people played video games the last year?

According to the statistics, nearly 2.7 billion people around the world spent their spare time enjoying video games in 2020. The number is gigantic considering the entire population of the Earth, isn’t it? Actually, it had grown a lot because of the pandemic which made many people stay at home.

What was the first video game turned into a movie?

Every gamer knows that Super Mario Bros is not just an extremely popular video game it is also the first game to be adapted as a movie. Interestingly, Tom Hanks who was an up-and-coming actor back at the time wanted to play Mario, however the executors of Nintendo were concerned he would not be able to give the film enough box office clout.

What is the worst video game ever?

While many players are arguing about the best video game of all time, the majority of them have absolutely agreed on the one which can be regarded as the worst. In fact, this game has such a bad reputation that its creator even decided to bury the evidence of its existence!

If you still cannot recall the title of this infamous game, it was The Atari ET. The copies of this game were literally buried in the desert of New Mexico.

What is the best fighting game ever?

If the previous question was too complicated for you, give a try to this one. Even if you do not enjoy playing fighters, you might still know that Mortal Kombat is considered to be the most successful game of this type.

A curious fact about this game is that its team of developers included only four people. At the same time, it did not take them too long to work on this amazing game as they developed it only within ten months, while during the first six months of this time the team did not even know how to call this game.

Interestingly, when the game was released by Nintendo in 1993, a famous component of violence featured this game was removed.

How many game genres there are so far?

Well, there might not be a single answer to this question since everything depends on the criteria used for identifying the categories of games. Some subgenres are also mixing various features typical for particular game types. Yet, if you try to systematise the variety of video games which have been released so far, you can distinguish over thirty genres of games.

What was the first game used as a prize in a cereal box?

The practice of adding various prizes into boxes with nutritional products in order to promote their sells is highly popular. At some point, the manufacturers of cereals started extending the variety of prizes offered in their boxes adding video game there.

The first video game which was offered to players in such a way was Chex Quest.

Checx Quest was a first-person shooter of a non-violent type based on the engine of the Doom game. It was released in 1996 specifically to promote the Chex cereal. The shape chosen by the manufacturer for this cereal had a shape of barrels.

What was the predecessor of the modern MMOs?

If you enjoy playing such MMOs as World of Warcraft, you should certainly know which game started this genre. Actually, in all likelihood, you know this game very well because it is considered to be one of the best video games of all time.

Certainly, it is Diablo which apart from the whole variety of amazing features it encompassed, was also the first on introducing players in to the fantastic world of online playing. Back at the time, players used to join their forces exploring and conquering the world of Diablo.

You can still play Diablo online. In fact, there is no other online game which was supported thus long.

What are the limited copies of Tetris?

For regular people, Tetris is just a popular game, however, for real gamers and video game collectors, Tetris exists in various versions including rather rare ones such as the Tengen copies of around a hundred thousand or Sega version available only in ten copies.