Everything you need to know about simulation games and sports games

If you are a real gamer, you are certainly aware of the fact a great variety of sports games are actually called sports simulators. That is so since many sports are designed in such a way as to simulate various popular kinds of sports or entire competitions. That is what they have in common with the general simulation genre. Note that simulation games can emulate not actual reality, but some of them are also emulating fictional reality. Simulation can also refer not only to the space or environment but also an event or a particular situation.

In this article, you will find more about the most popular simulation games including sports simulators.

Life simulation

Probably one of the most crucial subgenres of simulation games is life simulation. Such games are also sometimes referred to as god games as a player is actually acting like a god defining the reality and life for their characters.

The most widespread of life simulations are based on social simulation and pet simulation. The most popular type of life simulations is undeniably the Sims which allows its players to control a large variety of aspects of the life of the characters. The games of the Sims series allow players not only to manipulate the entire ecosystem of the world but also control the genetics of the characters and even their reactions in particular situations.

As you can imagine, one of the first pet simulation games was Tamagotchi. Another popular game of such a type is Nintendogs. If you have ever played one of them, you know that the aim of these games is raising a pet.

Management and construction simulation

Another widely loved subgenre of simulation games is related to management and construction. Certainly, an amazing illustration of this type of games is SimCity with its advanced and complex system of options and features. In this game, you are supposed to build an entire city and manage its life. You are planning the entire construction including zoning of the city as well as its streets and roads. A crucial aspect of this game is the fact you also have to ma8intain the life of your city for instance, through taxing its residents.

Vehicle simulation games

Undeniably, when it come to such games as Tamagotchi, The Sims or even SimCity, it is difficult to mistake them with any other genre of video games. Yet, not everyone is aware of the fact that racing games are also simulations. As you can guess, racing simulations fall under the category of vehicle simulations.

Although racing simulations are possibly the most popular type of vehicle simulation games, actually any type of vehicle can be simulated. For instance, there is a variety of flight simulations which are also widely loved by gamers. That is may be due to the fact many of the games of this subgenre are also including combats which are making flight simulations even more attractive.

You can also come across space flight simulations, train simulations and even tractor simulations.

Sports games

We have already introduced an idea of sports simulations at the beginning of this article to you. The variety of kinds of sports which can be found in game sis enormous. Starting from such sports as baseball, football, golf, basketball through skiing up to darts. The choice of sports is really large.

Here are some of the most crucial subgenres of sports simulations.

Team sports

One of the most loved sports simulation of millions of gamers from around the world is FIFA which, as you can imagine, is a simulator of football. With time this popular game became extremely realistic offering players a wide choice of options. FIFA as well as Madden NFL are recreating the entire sports event extremely realistically. At the same time, there are games which are not aiming to be thus realistic. Their examples are NBA Jam and Arch Rivals.

Competitive sports simulation

Some of the most popular games of this subgenre are Team Fortress and Overwatch. This subgenre includes not only competitive types of sport but also fictional sport.

Fighting games based on sports

If you are a fan of fighting video games, you can check some simulation games as well rather than being focused on popular action games. There is a nice choice of fighting games which are actually based on sports. Needless to say, there are many kinds of sports which have a nature of combats. Some game developing teams have simulated this nature in their products very well.

The majority of sports-based fighting games are about wrestling or boxing. In some of this games you will have a chance of becoming one of the real-world fighters.

Racing simulations

Finally, some of racing simulations described above are also sports simulations. Apart from such great game titles as Gran Turismo and Forza, you will also find some arcade racing games, for example, Pole Position, in this category.