Puzzle video games and other types of games

You will hardly meet a gamer who does not know what action games, strategies or simulations are. Still, the variety of types of games is not limited by these options and the modern technology is offering a lot of possibilities for developers to create new forms of games.

In this article, you will learn more about puzzle games and their subgenres as well as get an insight into different forms of idle games available on the market today.

Puzzle games

Certainly, puzzle games are existing in various forms which are not necessarily based on computers and other devices. Yet, the choice of video games of the puzzle subgenre is really impressive and many developers are particularly creative in making new types of exciting and absorbing puzzle games which simple could not exist outside the computer environment.

When it comes to puzzle games, a crucial thing is distinguishing the difference between trivia games and the subgenre of logic games.

Logic games

One of the greatest examples of a logic game is, undeniably, legendary Tetris created by Alexey Pajitnov. Interestingly, the prototype of this game was based on text.

Tetris is regarded to be a casual puzzle game, whereas the subgenre also includes brain games. A classic example of such games is Brain Age.

Certainly, the idea of logic games is using their logic in order to complete a game. This game achieved through solving various logic puzzles. Another popular type of logic game sis navigating challenges, for instance, a maze.

Trivia games

Trivia logic games are one of the most popular genres of video games for mobile phones. Playing a  trivia game, you will have to give a correct answer to a particular question. An important part of the game is a limited time given for answering the question. Depending on your answer, you will be able to score points.

There is also a variety of trivia games which include a competition between several players which can make them very thrilling.

Other genres of video games

There is an abundance of different other types of video games. As it has already been mentioned, the development of modern technologies made it easier for programmers to work on new forms of entertainment.

Casual games

Casual games are quite similar to regular video games, however, their functionality is pretty limited. That is so since the developers are aiming to create games which will be more suitable for short gaming sessions. Thus, it is a great genre for mobile gaming.

A typical feature of such games is a rather repetitive gameplay which does not change a lot from level to level. Motivation for playing is usually kept by special rewrad systems.

Idle games

Idle gaming is extremely popular among the gamers who spend most of their time playing on their portable devices such as smartphones and table computers. These games are pretty simplified and offer players rather limited options for interaction. Your task might be as simple as repetitive clicking on the same icon.

Such games are using a reward system for keeping their players engaged.

Even though you might find idle games quite similar to causal games, these are actually to different genres of video games. Both of them are pretty simplified, however, idle games are a way simpler than casual games are.

Programming games

Needless to say, gamification has become particularly popular nowadays since the resources and technology allows developers create exciting applications for learning and teaching various subjects in a form very much resembling of a game. This approach has been adapted by the professionals of various branches, however, it seems that they can be particularly effective for studying programming.

There is nothing strange about that since with such games you can see direct effects of applying your knowledge to real life. A great example of programming games is Codehunt which is a programme created for learning such popular programming languages as C# and Java. With the help of such applications, the learning process of programming elements such as strings, loops or ciphers becomes particularly exciting.

Party games

Some video games have been designed in such a way as to be played by a group of people which makes them perfect for social gatherings, for example, for parties. Such games can be a great alternative to board games and they will certainly provide you with a gameplay untypical for board games. At the same time, party games are not the same as massive online multiplayers also known as MMOs. They are designed for several people, however they really more resemble of board games.

One of the games particularly loved by people enjoying playing video games together is Mario Party which is based on mini games and provides players with an opportunity to set competitions.