Manage your RPG campaigns with the help of these amazing tools!

Only the real fans of tabletop role-playing games will understand the excitement of the incomparable experience of playing your own campaigns. Yet, not only creating your own campaign for RPG, but also playing it are based on making constant calculations which can be rather tedious. Even if you enjoy the process of counting damages and attacks on your own, the process can be a way pleasant if you use one of the programmes described in this article. They will make the gaming process smooth, so you will be able to focus exclusively on the game itself.

Game Master 5th Edition

Providing you are a fan of the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons in the first place, you can rely on Game Master 5th Edition which is a free app dedicated exactly to this game. This is a set of instruments which will help you to manage an entire campaign in Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

Among the functions of this programme, you will find setting parameters for enemies and rolling which helps to manage the encounters of the game. In addition to it, it will be easier to check the rules of the game and to calculate the rolls of the dice.

The basic version of Game Master 5th Edition is a free app available for the devices running on Android and iOS. Yet, the free version allows you to work with the campaigns that include a maximum number of six participants. If you enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons 5E in larger groups, you can pay a small price of $2.99 for unlocking access to the possibility of managing campaigns with more than six combatants.

Fifth Edition GM Tools for Android

As you can understand from above, Fifth Edition GM Tools for Android is dedicated to the devotees of Dungeons and Dragons 5E using Android devices.

The aim of this app is simplifying the challenging task of keeping a track of the progress of the campaigns in the fif5th edition of Dungeon and Dragons. With the help if this programme, you will be able to build entire dungeons, design various encounters of players and their enemies, keep a track of the loot available in the game and, of course, observe the progress of the statistics related to the players of the game.

You will find a set of advanced calculators in Fifth Edition GM Tools for Android which will roll dice in the game getting the parameters for damages, attacks and skills. The calculators will also help you to count the challenge ratings of the game and estimate the experience.

The basic version of Fifth Edition GM Tools for Android is completely free, however, upgrading the game will allow you to work with multiple campaigns and use unlimited storage space.

Realm Works

Realm Works is a highly advanced tool that is offering a great variety of functions to both GMs and players. There is no doubt, you will be able to get the experience of playing RPGs to the next level. This is a great aid for flawless work with campaigns, game locations, character sheets, plots and all the smallest details you might only come over in your game. Undeniably, Realm Works is a useful tool for assembling different parts of the game making the materials which are relevant to each other work together. The programme can also generate summaries automatically.

An amazing part of Realm Works is access to Content Market full of pre-created content created by both RPG enthusiasts and official game publishers. Use the cloud storage for digging for ready-to-use dungeons, locations and NPCs. The software will help you to use any element of your world no matter whether it is a relationship or a map. You will definitely find the possibility of synchronisation with other participants of the campaign particularly useful. This means, they will get information about the current progress of the game and you will receive it as well.

Because of its advanced functionality, Realm Works is not a particularly cheap product coming for the price of $59.99. This sum of money will give you access to the servers of Real Works for six months. This time can be prolonged by a period of six or twelve months. Still, you might be interested in using exclusively the version for players. The Player edition of Realm Works is also based on Windows only. It is price is only $4.99 for one user.

Army Builder

If you enjoy playing other tabletop RPGs such as Warmachine, Warhammer 40K or Lord of the Rings, you might find Army Builder a useful tool for improving your playing experience.

As the name suggests, the major function of this app is bringing simplicity to the challenging task of creating lists of armies. For example, the programme will automatically estimate whether the parameters you have created are compatible with the rules of the game you are playing. Due to this fact, you will not need to perform any calculations on your own. You can get this information as a reference sheet for printing to use it during the game or view it within the app.

The viewer is available for the iOS devices and it is completely free. Army Builder itself with its calculating functionality is designed for Windows and macOS. For the price of $39.99, you will get access to all possible games, otherwise tools for each game has to be purchased separately.