Useful programmes for creating profiles for your RPGs’ characters

Have you already created characters for your new RPG? If not, you will have plenty of information about great tools which are making the tedious process of calculation easy and pleasant in our articles. This specific one is dedicated to the most pleasant part of a character creation which is the visual design. We have chosen the best tools available on the market right now developed exactly for this purpose. Pick the one you like the most and enjoy the process of creation!

Doll Makers

The easiest and quickest way to work on the appearance of your RPGs’ games is with the use of one of the doll maker programmes. Actually, they are based on Adobe Flash and are designed as avatar creators.

With the help of a doll maker, you can easily create a character and modify the look according to your preferences. In order to use the creation in your campaign, just make a screenshot. No matter whether your game is of the fantasy genre, a sci-fi adventure or anything else, you will hardly face any problems with creating characters with appropriate appearances and styles.


If you want to go further and craft real characters for your games, you will need a more advanced tools.

Fortunately, in order to create unique appearances of your RPGs’ characters, you do not have to purchase any art supplies or learn to draw. Such a massive instrumentl as HeroMachine will provide you with an abundance of solutions.

Currently, two versions of the programme are popular: HeroMachine 2.5 and HeroMachine 3. They are slightly different and, as you can imagine the later one has even more sophisticated tools for working on the appearance of your creatures.

HeroMachine 2.5 is full of customisations necessary for working with the appearance of a character. Here, you will find such items as headgear, clothing, tails, wings as well as backgrounds. All of the items are straight from the fantasy world.

When it comes to the newer version of HeroMachine, it gives you an opportunity to work with a wider range of details, whereas the graphics of the programme is completely state-of-the-art.

First of all, HeroMachine 3 allows you to apply several items of the same category at the same time. For example, you can give your character several necklaces for achieving  a particular visual effect which isn’t possible in the previous version of HeroMachine.

Secondly, no matter which item you pick, HeroMachine 3 allows you to transform and modify it according to your preferences. Furthermore, the programme also includes the work with layers which makes it possible to create real masterpieces.

For the comfort of the creating process, there are different views available in HeroMachine 3. Here, you can scale all the objects, move your character and rotate so as you can see the creature better. There is also a special headshot view designed for close detailing of the characters’ faces.

Both of the HeroMachine versions are free, however, they can be upgraded for less than a dollar per month. Not only will the subscription remove all the advertisements, but it will also unlock the access to the entire collection of elements available in the programme.

In case you prefer to work on your desktop computer, you can purchase HeroMachine 2 for $9.95.

The Fuse Character Generator

One more curious programme designed for crafting characters for role-playing games is The Fuse Character Generator. Actually, this tool offers you 3D modelling and a vast collection of elements which can be used for creating the appearance of your characters.

So far, there are nearly 70 parts of the body offered to the users of the programme as well as 150 clothing items. You can use over forty dynamic textures for finishing the design of the appearance of your creatures. For the valid customers of Adobe, The Fuse Character Generator offers a package of animations and auto-rigging.

The Fuse Character Generator can be used on Windows or Mac through the steam platform. The programme is free.

Creating character sheets

In case you are still struggling with the developing the characters themselves which can be a really challenging task, refer to our article dedicated to the programmes providing you with functions for making your character sheets digitally.

A great example of such a programme is Fifth Edition Character Sheet which was designed primarily for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons with a view of making the gaming process totally paperless.

Fifth Edition Character Sheet is a mobile application providing its users with a character sheet containing five pages allowing you to calculate all the necessary parameters concerning the game such as skill bonuses and ability modifiers. Furthermore, you can keep an eye on all the damage and attacks made by the character taking into consideration the experience and use of particular weapon in your battles.

Fifth Edition Character Sheet is customisable offering you the exact experience you need for your game with an opportunity to hide anything you do not need. The app is available for both Android and iOS.