More Android games that are worth your attention

If you are looking for some games to enjoy on your Android tablet or smartphone, this article will give you some great ideas. Some of these titles are very well-known to you if you are into playing as they were initially developed for other gaming platforms and have been extremely popular for a long time. Still, there are also games you might have never come across.

In any case, they are worth your time and attention!

Sonic Forces – Running battle

Sonic has long been an entrapping game for decades. This hedgehog with its vast world of robots and evil Eggman made it to Android since Android came out and remained as one of the most played games of all times on this platform. This series let you run through a competitive race among other real-time players,

While playing this game, you will be collecting coins, upgrades, power ups and throwing special powers at others to stunt them with various individual skills. You have all of your characters from the Sonic world. This game has been ranked number 2 since the time it came out and also been nominated as the editors pick.

The Sims

Yes, you do have the legendary official Sims franchise available on Android and iOS. As usual, you can start off with your sim and start building your empire and develop the story as you wish it to be. There are free and paid versions of various Sims games available.

Final Fantasy IV (3d remake)

No wonder this game made it to the android. Final fantasy has always been one of the most engaging RPG game of all time. Final fantasy IV was originally developed and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system in 1991. This game was a hit and earned its place due to the gameplay and engaging storyline. This game has its remake in 3d and launched for both android and iOS platforms. This will certainly give you a whole new 3d experience over the classic one.

War Robots

This is one of the must play game for Android or iOS. War Robots has been developed and published by one the leading Russian Android game developer, Pixonic. This is a huge mech battle game with massive online community and players from all over the globe.

This is a PVP game where you dominate the stage with various of War machines called War Robots. There are Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Death Match, Skirmish and custom games etc. One of the most played is Beacon Rush and Domination. No other mech battle games are as close as this one on mobile phones.

Super Mecha Champions

This is another Mech battle game developed for both Android and iOS. This one has more of a futuristic gameplay with cartoonish graphics than war robots. The major battle mode you will have is the battle Royale mode. This game has a cool anime style robots and gameplay.


Do not forget to play Limbo on your Android smartphone or tablet. This timeless classic is worth mentioning every decade.

These games can certainly give a bolt of thrill down the memory lane.