Amazing games you should try playing on your smartphone

Needless to say that at the age we are living in, we would prefer the whole gaming experience not only within the boundary of our home or any other shop like arcade store or anything such, but additionally or solely in the form portable gaming experience. A great number of players today enjoy something on the go most of any other playing experience.

While there are of course rich handheld gaming consoles to take care of your need like this, most of the fellas prefer mobile gaming on the go. Since the dawn of Android and smartphones, the majority of  gamers moved on to the mobile gaming in addition to their home gaming gear rags!

With these let’s look at the top 10 games you can play on android and some of these may support iOS as well.

This list is not ranked but just indexed.

Bomber friends

If you have grown up playing games like Bomber Man and you actually loved such games, you certainly should check out Bomber friends. This one even gets better, not only you get to play solo but also in the multiplayer mode!

You get to play three modes, you vs Online, you vs friends as well as with the training mode to prepare you for the bombing. On solo, you will also face Bosses of different level. This is one fun little games you can spend your time on. Worth it!

Unfortunately this game is available only on Android.

Into the dead

This is one of the games that can really capture you all so well. Into the dead is developed by PikPok. This is an action/shooter game. The plot puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The only thing you have to do is to run and survive the hordes. On your way you will have options to pick up various weapons including – guns and melee. This may sound simple but ‘Into the dead’ is one of the extremely challenging game on mobile platforms.

Into the dead 2

If you are looking for a little twist in the story and updated graphics and gameplay of Into the dead, you should certainly give Into the dead 2 a shot. This even gets a way more intense than the first part of Into the dead. Both of Into the dead 1 and 2 are available on both platforms, iOS and Android.

Command General RTS

This little thoughtful game will make pause in your stream of thought each time before you make some moves. This is a strategy game, namely set on the aftermath of the World War 2. The sole purpose is to show off your domination in this world. You will have to choose the country to lead on, build your base and upgrade and battle with other intellectual players and see if you have what it takes to stand against those dominating players. This is a PVP multiplayer game.