More free online MMORPGs you do not have to download or install

We have already been writing about a possibility of playing some great MMORPGs completely online running the game directly in your browser. Such games are highly convenient since they do not require any special features of your computer and, in many cases, are also can be used on various platforms and operating systems. We would like to provide you with even more great ideas for playing MMORPGs online focusing on the games which are available completely free of charge.


Are you a fan of old-school 2D games and enjoy playing RPGs, especially with the MMO mechanics? Then, you can’t miss Stein.World!

There are two versions of Stein.World available, the first one is completely adopted for using within your browser, so you will not have to download it or install. Yet, if you wouold like to have it on your computer, you can download the game from Steam.

The fantasy world of Stein.World is created with the use of the 16-bit style. The aim of the game is finding a lost heirloom of your family looking like a beer stein. In order to complete the quest, you will have to solve an immense number of tasks and go through hundreds of dungeons. In addition to it, the developers added a possibility for your character to take one of the professions and develop your skills.

It is even more exciting to play Stein.World since it is updated quite frequently being improved and receiving a variety of brand-new items including tools and weapons.

Mad World

The fans of MMORPGs absolutely can’t miss the possibility of playing Mad World which is undeniably one of the best free browser RPGs available now.

First of all, Mad World is featured with sophisticated graphics which was achieved by adding hand-drawn items and characters to the game. It is worth playing Mad World at least because it is highly aesthetic.

Of course, this is not the only amazing feature of the game. Although Mad World is an indie game, it is resembles of large MOORPGs a lot. For instance, the player customisation provided by the developers is highly extensive with an immense tree of skills and talents. Another interesting feature of the game is bounding the style of a weapon to the build type of a character. Thus, it is not a feature of a particular class like it is usually done in many other RPGs.

Pirates: Tides Of Fortune

Are you already bored by fantasy games but are not especially into sci-fi genre? Then, you should check the possibilities offered by the Pirates: Tides Of Fortune game.

High seas are waiting for you right in your browser and do not demand any downloading or installation! Start with establishing your very own pirate fleet so as you will be able to start your adventures on the seas. A curious feature of this game is that here pirates have many other tasks rather than fighting with other pirates, pillaging shipwrecks and collecting gold and lumber. For instance, the pirates of this game are also highly serious about rum, so they are distilling it themselves. In addition to it, the developers included a large variety of so-called technology skills and activities for your pirates including mathematics, sword-fighting, trade and gunpowder. Moreover, your pirates can even invent flying.


If you are searching for a MMORPG with particularly realistic features, you should bear in mind the game created by a group of Reddit game enthusiasts. Combining their skills and ideas, they were able to design a unique game which resembles of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons). This subgenre of role-playing games was quite popular in the years of the early Internet.

We called Intium realistic for several reasons. First of all, this game is characterised by permadeath which means that once your character is dead, he or she is dead forever and you have to start the game from the very beginning. Another crucial reason is the fact the game is completely driven by the community. For example, the prices for the objects are not fixed. They are changing naturally depending on the exploration of the loot, selling it or even crafting.

Dead Maze

How about living in the city right after some crazy event making people to turn into zombies? Will you be able to survive under such circumstances? Now, you can check it by playing Dead Maze which is a free online MMORPG designed as an isometric game.

Here, your tasks will be creating a shelter with other people who have managed to survive. For this purpose, you will need to work hard and collect resources. An advanced crafting system will make the task even more interesting, whereas a possibility of getting private accommodation for your character makes the experience more exciting. Make your shelter as strong as possible since its purpose will be protecting your community against zombies.

Although the topic of a zombie attack has been used by many game developers, Dead Maze is undeniably worth your attention.