Create an immersive atmosphere while playing tabletop RPGs with these tools for sound

If role-playing games is one of your most favourite hobbies and you enjoy not only video RPGs but also classic tabletop ones, you should definitely check our list of essential tools which will help you to create a special atmosphere with sound. Undeniably, sound is something that can be really missed while playing tabletop games, but the real fans of RPGs have created a wide variety of programmes which will allow you to enjoy the full gaming experience. On our list, you will find quite simple tools which can be used by any novice as well as pretty advanced programmes.

Tabletop Audio

If you have just begun your acquaintance with immersive tools for tabletop role-playing games, you might be interested in starting with a completely free programme. One of the best choices is Tabletop Audio which doesn’t require any installation or registration in order to use its large collection of sounds.

A great feature of Tabletop audio is a variety of ways in which you can use the music ambiances. Thus, for example, sounds can be opened in a customised queue. The titles can also be downloaded.

Pay your attention to another great feature of this programme which is called SoundPad. This one is used for playing a collection of sounds dedicated to a particular theme with other assortments. No matter which sounds you choose, they play together flawlessly.

For your convenience, there are different options for playing the sound arrangements. It can be done continuously, or you can choose time delays. In addition to it, your own sound compositions can be saved and shared with other players.


Syrinscape is a great programme for gamemasters willing to create a unique atmosphere with increadible immersive sound. An amazing feature of this tool is that it offers skin with exclusive theme for each player. This includes custom buttons and well as backgrounds which are connected to each SoundSet. It is up to you, how complex the sound you would like to have while playing your favourite tabletop game.

In order to play the music automatically, you should press the buttons located on the left side of the screen. For your convenience, they are quite large. The programme also allows you to make your own arrangements of sounds and music, however, Syrinscape has quite a large collection to choose from. yet, if you don’t want to create a user account, the access to the entire variety of sounds and music will be limited.

There are two types of subscription available in Syrinscape. The first one comes with the price of $7.15 and allows you to use all the sound arrangements for sci-fi and fantasy games. You can pay more and unlock an entire collection of sound offered by the programme. For the price of $10.99 a month which is charged once in two months (you pay for two month at once) you will get access to all the sound packages which include not only the music of the fantasy and sci-fi genres, but also extra table top game sets as well as the ownership of all arrangements created specifically for Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder which will be added to the programme in the future.

Syrinscape can be installed on your personal computer or on a mobile device no matter whether you are using the Android operating system or iOS.

General tools useful for tabletop role-playing games

If you are really into playing tabletop RPGs, you should try one of the game simulators which will allow you to create your own campaigns of wargames and play them with other people.

Tabletop Simulator

One of the greatest tools of this kind is Tabletop simulator which offers a large amount of instruments and options for creating absolutely different tabletop games. Undeniably, a possibility of making your own RPGs is included.

Tabletop Simulator is available for Mac, Windows and Steam OS. It also supports Oculus Rift and HTC Five. The base programme costs $19.99 but you can also purchase specific sets for your individual needs.

With Tabletop Simulator, one can do a lot of amazing things. Use this programme for writing your own game scripts, customise the assets, work with the physics manipulating it according to your vision! All of these things will help you to create your own tabletop games, no matter whether they are RPGs or chess!

You will also find an immense amount of custom assents that were pre-built. For instance, there the  complete collection of Warhammer 40K.


If you would like to work with some free programme, BattleScribe witll be a great choice for you. It is a very powerful creator used for making lists of armies. Set point limits and validate the selections of the army you have created. This allows to save a lot of time which you could have spent on counting on your own.

Paying $2.99 a year will remove the advertisments from the programme and unlock a range of useful features in BattleScribe. For instance, you will be able to save the armies as favourites which will make the game easier.

BattleScribe is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS, however, you should remember you will have to pay for a full version for each of the devices.