Retro gaming: the 90s’ epoch

Anyone who grew up in the 90s in a place where they had somewhat up-to-date technology in the city, town or around, were able to experience a real gaming frenzy, whether it was through the television commercials, banners, in the shops or generally around the neighbourhood.

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Why are the 90s such a significant time for game development?

The 90s was a hectic time for the kids growing up at that moment. This was a way more surprising than it is now because those gaming consoles or any other gaming medium were considered to be state-of-the-art devices. There were no smartphones or anything such that were offering an all-in-one technology. Every device had its own specific purpose and this alone made them a way more fascinating media to be completely sub-merged into gaming. As you can imagine, there were no distractions by calls, notifications or anything such other than once in a while your parents howling to shut it down making you start doing your homework or some other “Nooo!” stuff, which all generations can relate to.

The new technologies created during that time had a striking difference when compared to the previous devices which is not the case today when engineers are regularly releasing new solutions for gaming. Most of the new gaming equipment as well as games of that time were actually real breakthroughs. This is not the case for the modern gaming and players expecting for new forms of entertainment to be constantly available.

No wonder so many people get more real pleasure out of gaming during that time rather than we can do it today even though the market is especially demanding and only the products of the highest quality have a chance to attract players.

The greatest gaming event of the 90s

One of the 90’s biggest hits was when Sony’s PlayStation was launched. It was something kids had never seen before. The compact disc was a top-notch portable storage medium. Before that all of the games had come recorded on cartridges such as the ones of Nintendo Entertainment system, Sega Genesis etc. Any game that was released in the form of a compact disc was designed for personal computers. Still, this technology was not used in the consoles. The major breakthrough happened when Sony PlayStation and Sega DreamCast came in the hood. This was a dream station for kids. All the games came in with rich 3D graphics and opened up a whole new portal for the kids, teens or the adults who were also into gaming as well.

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  1. I started playing my first games in the 90s. Since then a lot has changed in graphics, story and tehcnology

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