The most popular programming languages used for game development

Are you a video game devotee or are you willing not only to play video games but also create your own ones? In both cases you might be curious about the most popular programming languages widely used for game production. It might happen you already know one of them!


C++ has been the most widely used programming languages when it comes to the game development. There is nothing strange about that since this language is offering a lot more to the game developers than any other programming language.

First of all, C++ can be used for both generic programming and object-oriented programming with a high abstraction level. At the same time, it is giving a high level of control over graphics and hardware processing to the game developers.

Moreover, it is easy to reach high optimisation of particular parts while writing a game code in C++. This is actually one of the unique features of this programming language.

Needless to say, a vast number of video games was created with the use C++. Primarily, these games have been created for consoles as well as the Windows operating system.

Some of the most famous examples of such games are Football Pro, Orion III, Counter-Strike and Starcraft.


Even though C++ has a number of unique features making this programming language particularly good for game development, Java is still easier for learning and using for writing programmes. At the same time, Java has simpler debugging and compiling tools, while the programmes written in Java can be used on various platforms. Taking into consideration a vast variety of learning materials available for this language, there is nothing strange in the fact it is widely used for the creation of indie games. Java is also the major language for developing games for Android.

Still, it does not mean there are no large projects created in this programming language. The most popular games written in Java are FIFA 11, Mission Impossible III, Ferrari GT 3: World Track and of course Minecraft.


So far, Python is not thus popular for game development as Java or C++, however, many people find it a way more easier for learning than those game development languages. Indeed, it takes less time to learn this language and start creating your own games. That is why more and more people are using this modern programming language for creating amazing video games. Some of the most well-known games written in this language are undeniably Battlefield 2, Eve Online, Desney’s Toontown Online and Frets on Fire.


When it comes to the interactive games available online, you will hardly find a better programming language for creating them than JavaScript. With the use of this popular programming language, one ca create cross-platform mobile games while it can be integrated with HTML and CSS as well as other web technologies useful for game development.

JavaScript is a useful addition to HTML5 since the latter technology cannot be used alone for creating interactive games and designing animation. Do not forget about an abundance of various frameworks available for JavaScript which are making using this programming language easier.

Some of the most popular games which have been developed with the help of JavaScript are Swoop, Little Alchemy, Polycraft, HexGI and Hangman.


Even though the functionality of HTML5 is usually enriched by the use of JavaScript, this technology itself is great for creating games since it allows developers to design games and apps which can be used on different platforms and with different Internet browsers.

It is also important to remember about the amazing gaming engines available to the HTML5 developers, for example, Phaser, Construct 2, Booty5, Turbulenz and ImpactJS.

When it comes to the examples of the most famous games designed with HTML5, they are World Cup Penalty 2018, Cookie Clicker and Goods Will Be Watching.


Lua is regarded to be a particularly user-friendly programming language of the high level. At the same time the programmes written in this language can be used on different platforms. Games written with the use of Lua can be altered easily by both players and developers. There is nothing strange in the fact this language is widely used by game engines such as Corona SDK, CryEngine and Gideros mobile.

When it comes to the examples of the most famous games developed with the use of Lua, they are certainly Angry Birds, Aquaria, Age of Conan and American Girl.


C# is regarded to be easier than C++, but it does not mean this language is not powerful enough to be efficiently used for game development. This language has a particularly widely used framework known as XNA which is making it easier for developers to create games for Xbox and Windows. It also has its powerful game engines such as Xamarin and Unity 3D which allow developers to create games for absolutely different platforms including Windows, Android, PlayStation and iOS.

It is not surprising that such popular games as Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go were created with the help of C#.