Who is a game designer?

Are you interested in starting an amazing career path of developing video games or may be your child is attracted by such a possibility? Then, it is crucial to understand what exactly game design means and who game designers are.

The many tasks of game designing

If you are at least slightly aware of the creation of video games you certainly know the process is rather complex and requires work from many specialists of different occupation. Yet, not all of them are exactly game designers even though they might be working in the game designing industry. At the same time there are solo game designers managing all of the tasks on their own creating indie games.

Generally speaking, the job of a game designer is a creative process of conceptualising a storyline and a game plot, developing environments, characters as well as their interactions, levels and many other crucial elements of a game. As you can imagine, the job goes beyond coding which is also required from game designers.

Commercial design of massive projects

As you can imagine, the larger a video game is, the more specialists its development requires. In such working environments, game designers might have specific tasks.

For example, there are level designers who are focused on the elements offered by levels of a game. It is crucial to make these elements exciting enough to keep players absorbed by the game. As you can imagine, one of the crucial elements of level design in the difficulty of a game which should be optimal for making a game challenging and thrilling and at the same time, not too difficult to discourage gamers to play.

Of course, the requirements for levels depend on a genre of a game and its type.

Other specialists participating in the designing of commercial games are modellers, technical artists, programmers, animators, testers, finance and marketing specialists as well as producers.

Is it a good idea to start a career in game design?

In all likelihood, you are aware of the growth of the popularity of video games which had already been widespread. Yet, now computer technologies are even more affordable to people with different income attracts more and more gamers.

Newly developed technologies are offering even more complex experience while playing games while players can also choose from a wide range of devices accessible for playing starting from traditional desktop computers and consoles up to having a constant access to their favourite games on their portable devices. Moreover, new tools are developed not only for creating complex state-of-the-art commercial projects but also for developing short indie games without any prior knowledge in programming.

On top of that, the average age of video game players has also extended. An average gamer is not a teenager anymore. Actually, the average age of players is 30 years old. Certainly, this is the result of the technology of video gaming being present for quite a long time which means more and more generations of people are grown with access to this form of entertainment.

Finally, esports is also becoming more and more popular and it is even regarded as an official kind of sports in many countries.

All of these fact are the proves of the claim it is the high time to start your game design career.