The tools you can use for managing your growing collection of video games

If gaming is your hobby, in all likelihood, you have already purchased several titles and a part of them might be in a digital form. If your collection is constantly expanding, then you are definitely aware of the difficulties which might occur while you are trying to keep a track of your games. It might become a real challenge, if your purchases are located on different gaming platforms.

Needless to say, in such a case, some tool for managing your collection which will allow you to understand what you already have and what you would like to get might come in hand. Fortunately, a number of services dedicated to organising your video collection have already been created. Let’s look at some of their examples.


In case you are looking for a service supporting a large variety of game titles, you should pay your attention to Grouvee. This service is powered by a user-editable wiki dedicated to video games which is known Giant Bomb’s API. For that reason, the probability of you being able to find here any existing game is quite strong.

The interface of Grouvee is user-friendly and particularly easy to navigate. Each game title available on Grouvee is described with a lot of essential information such as the release date, a publisher, compatibility with gaming platforms and, of course, a game summary.

Once you choose a game title in the system, you have an opportunity to assign different statuses to it. The basic statuses include the following options: wishlist, playing, played and backlog. You can also choose an “other shelf” option which actually gives you a possibility of creating an unlimited number of shelves with different titles in order to customise the organisation of your games. Don’t forget to select the systems you used for playing a particular game. This feature is also crucial, since you might have the same game in different formats.

Note, Grouvee is not simply a catalogue, it is also a place to exchange your opinions about games. You can add comments and players’ reviews. On top of that, the service allows gamers to track the time needed for finishing games as well as the progress of playing these games.


If you are looking for a simple tracker for video games with additional useful features, Completionator is the one you need.

First of all, the tracker allows you to import the library of your games on Steam. Manually created lists can also be imported which makes it particularly easy to create your own library on Completionator.

In order to successfully track your video games, you can use out of a wide range of parameters. Undeniably, they include the game platforms, your status of playing these games, their condition and even an estimation of the total value of all the games in your collection, which is a particularly curious option.

Although Completionator is focused on tracking your games in the first place, it also offers its users great opportunities for socialising. Apart from a chat which can be used for contacting other people, you can also takes the challenges for playing games created by gamers. You can also find groups of people playing games in the way that is similar to reading books in the book club which means finishing a game within a particular period of time and then discussing it with others.


The GG video game tracker provides players with a large amount of information about games including screenshots, compatible gaming platforms and videos. Moreover, the users of the service can add here their reviews.

GG also allows gamers to set the play status for their games. The basic options are “Beaten”, “Playing” or “Abandoned”. A custom list of status options can also be created.

The interface of GG is especially stylish and combined with its functionality, makes the service particularly pleasant for using. Yet, you should note that merging the lists you create or cloning the existing lists can be done only after purchasing a paid membership. If you prefer using the service for free, it might be a bit challenging to create your own collection for the first time since all of your games will have to be searched for and added manually. Unfortunately, there is also no possibility for specifying the platform for the games you are owning.


HowLongToBeat is an amazing website designed as a useful tool for tracking the time needed for finishing video games in the first place. It is particularly recommended to check this time before purchasing any game in case you do not have too much time for gaming.

Of course, some of the services we have described above will also help you to estimate the time needed for playing a particular game, however, HowLongToBeat has a more advanced set of functions. For instance, here you can specify, whether you have finished a particular game within a particular time while playing exclusively its main storyline or you have finished all the side quests as well.

HowLongToBeat also allows its users to import Steam games and sort them according to your preferences.