The major differences between PC and console gaming

Today, the gaming market is rapidly developing offering more and more games and gaming accessories for personal computers and popular consoles. Some people prefer playing on consoles whereas others are the devotees of PC gaming. Both of these forms of playing video games have their own pros and cons since these options differ a lot from each other. In case you would like to switch to playing games on PC to console or adversely, or, if you are just planning to set your own gaming environment and are deciding which option to choose, you might find this article useful.

The quality of the gaming process, hardware and other elements

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most crucial differences between gaming consoles and PCs for gamers are the hardware of these devices as well as other elements used for playing games. They have a great influence on the overall playing experience.

The possibility of choosing the components of your gaming platform

One of the greatest differences between a console and a PC is the fact the first one doesn’t allow you to change its hardware. When you are purchasing a console for playing games, you can choose the version of the existing console with the most powerful hardware, but you can’t change it on your own.

Getting a personal computer for playing is an absolutely different option. There is a large variety of pre-built gaming laptops and desktop computers, however, you can always build your own PC according to your own preferences. The market of hardware suitable for gaming and, which can actually bring your playing experience to the highest level, is immense. Not only can you build a computer with the exact characteristics you want, but you will also be able to use it for playing newly released games years after getting the PC under the condition it is still powerful enough.

When it comes to consoles, they have their versions and the newest games are usually compatible with the latest versions of consoles.

Controller Options

Needless to say, the control schemes for personal computers and consoles are totally different. Consoles have at least one controller, whereas the default control system for PCs is a keyboard and a mouse, however, this set can be extended by adding various gaming gadgets.

Of course, some of the games can be played more conveniently with the standard control set of PCs, whereas for others the console controllers might be easier to use. Generally, a keyboard and a mouse are giving more options for navigation which is especially important for such game genres as MOBAs or strategies played in real time. First-person shooters can also be played more conveniently with a mouse rather than with a joystick. Furthermore, keyboards are good for mapping actions to particular keys.

Controllers are a better choice for playing racing games and platformers. Pay your attention to the fact, you can use your console controller with your PC as well. For instance, Windows 10 is compatible with the Xbox One controllers.

The quality of graphics

The graphics hardware in PCs has been a way better than the one used in consoles for years and this tendency hasn’t been changed yet. The quality of graphics on powerful computers combined with an appropriate monitor can be really extremely high.

Still, this is not a single advantage of personal computers when it comes to the graphics in the games. Certainly, there is also a possibility to set particular parameters for graphics including various visual effects and textures in the games on a PC.

Yet, you should be aware of the fact that using a too demanding game with the computer featured by a lower quality of the graphics hardware can drop the overall gaming performance.

Other aspects of playing

Undoubtedly, there are many other aspects of playing games for personal computers and consoles.

For example, one of the, is the way the games are distributed, since the ways for obtaining games for PCs and consoles are a bit different.

For your console, you can buy physical copies of games in land-based stores or digital ones online. Some of the popular shops for digital games for consoles are Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store.

PC players have somewhat more options for getting video games. In case of the games for PCs, the majority of them are sold digitally, however, you can also purchase their physical copies.

The most popular online store for getting a PC game is Valve’s Steam. Here, you will find a large library including thousands of game titles with various categories and automatic updates. There are many reasons for which Steam is considered to be the best place for game shopping.

A great thing is that you can get free copies of classic games for PCs wghich can be played with other services. For instance, Battle,net of Blizzard can be used for playing Diablo, Overwatch and Destiny whereas EA’s Origin will let you to play Battlefield.