Use your wide collection of video games with one of these convenient launchers

Although at the very beginning of the Valve’s Steam on the market, we had a brief time to enjoy using it as a launcher for the majority of video games, today almost every game-developing company has its own launcher. This can make navigation between the launchers somewhat troublesome, especially if you own a large collection of video games. Yet, with time, separate programmes designed for launching every piece of your game library were introduced on the market and we can recommend you them.

In this article, you will find the best options available to the players so far. Note that some launchers have extremely useful functions making them a great choice even for those players who are playing one single game.

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is exactly the game launcher we can recommend to anyone who just enjoy playing games even if he or she doesn’t possess a large number of titles. Here are the reasons for it.

First of all, Razer Cortex is acting like a system cleaner and performance booster for both video games and your operating system. Needless to say, a smooth performance of a game is one of the most significant aspects influencing the overall gaming experience.

Secondly, Razer Cortex is also a library of games equipped with a special scanner which will check your computer for the games you have installed. They will be added to your library automatically. The experts of our team have checked the performance of the scanner itself and have found it especially effective. The only problem you might come across while using this app is that sorting of game titles within the library is a bit limited.

In addition to all that great features, Razer Cortex also offers a fantastic opportunity of getting the information about the best deals on video games around a variety of online stores. That is why we have told you, you should install this app even if so far your game collection is a bit modest.


Playing with other gamers requires a reliable chat. Discord is a multifunctional programme allowing its users to enjoy its free voice chat which is such a useful utility for playing together with your friends.

Since 2018, Discord has been offering players a possibility of purchasing video games through its game store as well as multiple other useful tools. For instance, the service has its own game catalogue called Discord Universal Library. Once you install Discord, it will scan your computer for installed games and will add them into your game library. With the help of this feature, you will be able to choose your games from the Discord library and the programme will call the launchers of these games automatically.


LaunchBox was initially created the DOSBox emulator’s front end, however, with the time, the developers have been making the programme more and more sophisticated adding a variety of other useful features.

If you compare LaunchBox to other programmes of this type, you will find LaunchBox particularly customisable allowing you to change various settings according to your preferences. Yet, the scanning algorithm of LaunchBox isn’t working exactly as it is supposed to work omitting some of the launchers while searching for the installed games on your computer. Although it is not a large problem and you can still add them manually, it would be easier to manage your games if the launcher was more automatised.


Providing you are looking for a possibility to play retro games which usually require various additional tools such as special emulators for a proper performance, you should try GameRoom.

Don’t pay attention to the title of this programme which might be associated with A Microsoft project which didn’t turn out to be particularly successful. GameRoom offers advanced functionality to its players supporting a number services such as Microsoft Store, Origin, Steam, GOG, Uplay and The list of these services is being extended.

GameRoom also offers a possibility to customise the launch options for your games.


Another great game launcher which also offers emulators for retro games is Playnite. Actually, this programme is the most recently released product of all the options discussed in this article, yet, many users agree that Playnite seems to be particularly polished.

First of all, Playnite is featured with a user-friendly interface which is very easy to navigate. Secondly, it has an advanced scanning tool which performs its job perfectly. Furthermore, with Playnite, you can customise themes and use various extensions which will add even more features to the programme.

Undeniably, the rapid success of Playinte is a result of the nature of this project which is an open source one meaning there are many contributors developing the programme and making it meet the highest expectations of players.