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Best Strategy RPG You Can Sharpen Your Mind With

The best strategy RPG games capture fascinating lore, incredible tactical battles, and elements that can make you think. And think hard at that because dialogues and dynamics can hurt you as much as physical damages do along the way. It is one of the reasons why strategy RPGs are popular.

In this listing, we will feature the best strategy RPG you can play, which can guarantee better thought-process and analytical improvement on your end!

Best Strategy RPG to increase your IQ tenfold!

Crusader Kings III

CK 2 was a venerable strategy game, but CK 3 offered improved cohesion than its predecessor. It made the game earn a spot in the best strategy RPG for royally entering the playing field with a glorious spectacle!

This time around, they spent more time focusing on the role-playing aspect of the game and still retaining the warfare system from its precedents. You will indeed get invested in the soap-operatic drama its features!

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms tackles the epic war over the rulership of ancient China. With diverse and complex existing relationships that meddle with how warfare and diplomacy work in the game.

The game features a compelling campaign not observed from previous games in the franchise. The most significant changes were seen in how trade and diplomatic transactions work. Even the combat had its tweaks, perhaps due to the culture shift embodiment.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Set in a post-apocalyptic realm where you will have to build your empire and battle other factions. The game shares some elements with Civilization but banks on more battles between factions.

You may choose to build an environmental paradise or establish an arsenal of advanced weaponry to defeat enemies: diplomacy or warfare. A great pick, even if you don’t like sci-fi that much. It deserves the spot in the best strategy RPG list!

Civilization 6

What good is a list of best strategy RPG without Civilization making an entry? Civ 6 has proven to be the best one yet in the franchise. Playing this masterpiece is more than just building your civilization to wage war. It also keeps in check how you are making an impact in the world.

The new concepts introduced to the Civ 6 put it atop its predecessor. Aside from the significant expansion packs. Principles of climate change, environmental disasters, and various eras from ages past into the game.

Endless Legend

This 4X game is a fantastic culmination of both fantasy and science fiction on a hex world. You begin in an early galaxy called Auriga, where you and your desired faction expand and battle with other factions in the world. Each is blessed with its very own unique capabilities to distinguish one from the other.


The gameplay is gorgeous. And the narrative is commendable, giving payers a clear grasp of the setting. Both primary and side quests are abundant, which makes playability extensive. The best strategy RPG is meant to excite the mind and give a level of autonomy to hardcore gamers who want to exterminate everyone in their path. It is what makes strategy RPG fun, the ability to sharpen your mind when it comes to real-time decision making, along with the freedom to create your outcome based on your whims and folly. We hope this listing helped you choose your next strategy RPG game!

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