Curious facts about video games

The industry of video gaming has been developing through decades attracting more and more people. No matter whether you regard yourself to be a modern gamer enjoying the most best-selling titles available today or you are a player from an older generation feeling nostalgia about the previous gaming masterpieces, you will certainly find  a lot of interesting information in this article.

Popular computer games are used for studying people’s reactions

You are certainly aware of the interconnection between science, education and the technology of video games. Video games are widely used for teaching school subjects, brain training and even training such skills as driving. Yet, scientists have also adapted some video games for their research of various events.

For example, World of Warcraft which is one of the widest online fantasy worlds available to players today is used by epidemiologists for studying the reaction of people to the virus outbreaks. There was a simulated disease which caused a reaction in players resembling the real reaction of real diseases recorded in historic documents. Why not to study people who are spending a lot of time in the virtual reality?

The most popular game console

The current market offers gamers a number of brands of game consoles as well as different versions o this popular device some of which are becoming more and more widespread. Yet, if you ask which one is the most popular today, the answer will be PlayStation 2.

This game console had already been sold in the amount of 155 million devices.

Not everyone is aware of the fact PlayStation 2 was actually designed based on the Atari Falcon Microbox. The rights for the design were purchased by Sony. As you know, Atari itself went bankrupt.

The first gaming console using internal memory

If you are interested in retro gaming, you definitely know something about the first consoles. Well, it is not a secret that the first devices lacked RAM which means there was no possibility for saving them on the system of the console.

The first game console equipped into RAM was Sega Saturn. The console has a quite capacious memory unit allowing to save up to six games. In practice it mean the total internal memory of this device was 32 kilobytes! Needless to say how small such a memory unit is today. Yet, the difference between the first computer games and their requirements and the modern ones is gigantic.

The role of Nintendo on the market of video games

Nintendo is one of the most crucial brands on the market of video games. One of the reasons for it are the long years of amazing developments in game consoles its team has been making. here are some of the most significant of them.

The first controller for video games with a directional pad was NES which is The Nintendo Entertainment System. The first controller with two shoulder buttons for the left hand and the right one was also created by the team of Nintendo. This controller was known as SNES which stays for The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

One more crucial version of a game controller was N64 or Nintendo 64which was equipped into an analogue thumbstick.

Interestingly, a separate company developed the technology known as Wii motion. The company offered this technology to Sony and Microsoft first, however none of these companies were interested in using it. Then, Nintendo got the offer and made the maximum out of it!

The way the first arcades worked

If you have an experience in playing old versions of arcade games, you certainly know about the way the objects in many of them tend to speed up with your levelling up. Interestingly, the first games such as, for example, Space Invaders, were not specifically designed in such a way. Speeding up just happened naturally.

For instance, in that particular game a player was supposed to destroy the invaders from the space. At the beginning, all of them were moving with the same speed, however, the more of them you were destroying, the faster the rest of them were moving. In the reality it happened since the less enemies there were left, the more resources a computer regained as it did not have to draw thus many objects. As a result, the rendering process of the rest of the objects was speeding up itself making the pace of the game faster as well.

Video games can improve your ability to multitask

While scientists are arguing whether multitasking is good itself getting a more and more evidence that people should slow down in their daily life whether they are at home or at work and focus at one thing at a time, it seems impossible for the majority of us. Needless to say, the modern society makes us be constantly in a hurry balancing among several tasks at the same time.

Well, in such a case, we can just start playing video games which can increase the sense of the surrounding world and boost up the multitasking ability.