The best programmes for creating characters for your own RPGs

One of the most complicated part of making your own role-playing games is working the characters. Needless to say, characters with their unique features, the system of skills, talents and experience can be extremely advanced. Of course, the more complicated this system is, the more exciting the game is, however, when you are the one who is trying to put it altogether into one game, it might take eternity. Even if you have been creating your own RPGs for your entire life, you still need hours in order to create the characters.

Fortunately, this process was digitalised successfully and now you have access to a variety of tools developed specifically for character creation.


HeroLab has been designed specifically for people who are rather serious about the process of creating game characters and we bet you are one of them. This programme will help you to manage a lot of crucial aspects of making your own characters.

Certainly, a crucial function of the tool is calculating penalties, modifiers and bonuses for every character. Create classes and the interface of the programme will change accordingly allowing you to set a lot of necessary attributes. When you are ready, you will be able to add the backstory of your character and add his or her portrait as well. The Tactical Console gives you access to all of your characters and information about them.

The version of HeroLab for iOS is totally free. It also includes a great bonus such as special options for those game craetors who are particularly crazy about the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

There are also versions for macOS and Windows, however their prices depend on the exact type of the programme you would like to use since there are HeroLab Classic and HeroLab Online available to players.

Fight Club

There are also programmes dedicated to the creators of tabletop RPGs which will allow you to avoid using paper while playing your own game at all. For instance, with a smart mobile Fight Club tool, you will be able to resign from handbooks and character sheets completely.

Fight Club has a large functionality allowing its users to keep a track of all the skills, abilities, experience, defences as well as strength and weaknesses of your characters. With the use of the programme, you will have no problem with controlling weapon and armour used in the game. Furthermore, Fight Club can also be used as a highly functional dice roller which will help you to calculate damage and attacks.

The latest edition of Fight Club is the fifth one and it has been dedicated especially to the fans of Dungeons and Dragons. The free version of this programme will let you to create exclusively one character, however, it is great for checking the tool in the first place. Yet, upgrading to the full version costs only $2.99. Such a small price will give you extended possibilities for creating more characters and will save you from advertisement attacks.

The Fight Club can be used on both iOS and Android.


One of the best programmes for the fans of RPGs who have just started working on their first games is PCGen. That is so since the interface and functionality of this cross-platform generator of characters were designed in such a way as to make the process of creating characters a way easier, especially for those who do not have any experience in this task.

PCGen will handle all the necessary calculations of the crucial parameters characterising your creatures, thus, saving your time from working on this most complicated task. The user-friendly interface will take you to the appropriate input boxes, highlighting the items that should be filled in. This will help you to navigate through the character sheet painlessly which is definitely important if you are creating characters for the first time. In addition to it, the programme makes automatic updates with each step of creation process.

If you want to go even further, you can use the features offered by the programme for integration the data of your new characters. With the help of PCGen, you can also generate names for your characters, set the experience and even make encounters.

PCGen is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and FreeBCD. The programme is compatible with Pathfinder, d20 Modern, Starfinder as well as both Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Beyond Tabletop

Providing you do not want to download any programmes or need to work at several characters at a time, you should try Beyond Tabletop which can be used directly in your Internet browser.

The primary focus of the tool is generating sheets for Pathfinder and the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Yet, you can work with other systems as well since the programme contains additional RPG development sheet.

As it has already been said, it is possible to work on several characters at a time since the programme is run directly in your browser. You can copy, delete, edit and, of course, share your characters without any difficulties. You can also use the battlemaps and ready campaign available on the website and link your newly-created characters with them.